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Dice Busters 2011

Casino Session Results




Reserved Table - Undisclosed Hotel/Casino

Shooters in order starting from inside hook 5:00 PM

Dave T. 11 rolls
Tim McD 27 rolls
Joe L. 17 rolls
Ken M. did not shoot
Beau your Dice Coach 5 rolls
Debbie (soft touch) 36 rolls (5 passes if she would of hit her 10 she would of hit 4 of 6 Fire bet).
Joe S. 32 rolls 
Note the first six shooters held the dice for 2 hours!
Ilan R. PSO 2 rolls (stayed and played after the group left - made a profit).
Diane T. 6 rolls
Basil did not shoot
Joe P. 5 rolls
Richard and Brenda H. did not shoot
Michael V. (professor) 4 rolls
Dave L. 17 rolls.  Last roll ended at 8:05 PM
Steve B. observed

Longest rolls by Debbie (Soft Touch) 36
Joe S. 2nd. Longest 32
Tim McD. third 27

Note Joe L. and his Son Dave tied with 17 rolls each!
Like father like Son!

Bottom line:  Out of 16 players only one lost!

We all had a great time with a wonderful experience.

Congratulations to all. 

Have a wonderful time in your casino play. 

Just like in life have fun and play to win.

Your Dice Buster Team

 Beau, Debbie, Michael and Beth



2011 Dice Busters Students Say...

This Stuff Really Works!


Hi Dice Coach,

The seminar was very well done with Brenda and I learning a great deal from You, Debbie and Michael as well as all of the other participants.  Brenda was specifically pleased with the extra time that Michael spent with her in the classroom as well as at our casino play, his mathematical approach to the table has provided us with a much lower risk profile when entering the game, and the betting strategies you provided gives us a manageable approach to a betting and exit strategy.  She has now lost her apprehension of the game and has started to play. Your extra effort to get her up to speed prior to the course was greatly appreciated.  A lot was covered in a short time period and we find ourselves  referring to the workshop schedule and handouts to refresh our memories. 
All and all we give the course and all the instructors a most excellent rating, and would recommend it highly to any one with an interest in the game.  The icing on the cake was of course the wonderful hospitality that was afforded us. Thank You. 
Best Regards,
Brenda and Ric


Hello to the Dice Busters,

I thought the Dice Busters event was a great success.  The party the night before was a great way for people to meet and get to know each other.  I especially enjoyed Michael Vernon's session on money management and how it helps to progress slowly into the game, rather than just "spraying and praying", as Debbie calls it. Getting my breathing down was critical as well, as explained by Debbie. I also enjoyed meeting other craps enthusiasts from all over the country!  The casino session was the biggest highlight, as I more than paid for the class with the winnings from the session - our end of the table held the dice for over 2 hours!

Thanks for the class!



Dice Busters,

Thanks for the recap of the live craps session. I can only repeat what you told us in class, "This stuff really works!" TSRW!  It was amazing to see how dice influencing combined with all the betting strategies that the Dice Busters taught us proved to be so profitable. But you know what impressed me the most, and it was missing from my game, was the energy aspect. Put me down as a card carrying member from now on. I learn so much about the "inner, unseen workings" of the game thanks to my Dice Busters experience. After I colored up, with my profits, the program ended up costing me just forty-nine bucks. TSRW!

Best to the Three Amigos, J.C. / Canada


Dice Busters,
What a great seminar! The information was helpful and the group was great. I made some connection that made the trip enjoyable. Sing me up for the next one. Next time I will beat Debra's 37 roles.


Hi Beau,

I did not know what to expect before the Dice Buster event in June 25th. At the event I met enthusiastic group of people ,eager to get knowledge and fun at the Crap Table. The Dice Coach (Beau) , Soft Touch (Debbie) and the "Professor" (Michael)

rounded up all the corners for each of us and as a group. In the evening we( all the group) met a local Casino, occupied a table. We had 2 to 3 hours of a lot of fun and "making" money. The additional tips that I received in that day are already in full practice.  

Hope to meet all in the next year in a similar event. 



Michael, Debbie and Beau and Beth,

Thanks for an interesting and informative day of dice instruction.




 Thanks Dice Busters,


I also took away many lessons after thinking about this weekend. The biggest lesson for me was playing with confidence. I realize my thoughts can interfere with my game. A good toss wasn't automatically entrenched within my confidence before this weekend. I have been over thinking my toss and doing so caused me to toss inconsistently.




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